War Thunder 2.17 “Danger Zone” comes with rewind for replays and a lot of new military hardware

War Thunder 2.17 "Danger Zone" comes with rewind for replays and a lot of new military hardware

Released earlier today, War Thunder 2.17 “Danger Zone” is one of those updates that deliver something for everyone. This time, the patch comes with quite a few different highlights, including the long-awaited rewind feature for replays and the iconic F-14A Tomcat jet.

In addition to the above, the update — which can bring the total size of the game all the way up to 92.6 GB for Windows PC players who choose to go with the Full Ultra HQ version of the game — includes the following:

Over a dozen new ground vehicles spread across all the nations available in the game.Z-19E, the first Chinese helo, and 6 for the Israeli tech tree.No less than 8 new ships, including the legendary HMS Hood.American and Soviet-made incendiary bombs for American, German, Soviet, Israeli, and Chinese aircraft.Two new locations, namely Abandoned Town and South-Eastern City.

As usual, these highlights are only the tip of the iceberg. The update also comes with a long list of minor functional tweaks and fixes, as well as various adjustments to the models and parameters of the military hardware present in the game. Those interested can find the entire changelog on this page.

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