Thymesia Guide – Five Tips on Getting Started

Thymesia Guide - Five Tips on Getting Started

Thymesia might not be the easiest game to deal with. This action RPG developed by OverBorder Studio features a fast-paced combat system and unique plague weapons that can be obtained from enemies. If you have ever played any soulslike before, you know what to expect from this game; if not, be prepared to die countless times. To help you get familiar with the game’s pace and mechanics, you will find five useful tips and tricks for Thymesia in this guide.

Explore Everything

The world of Thymesia features many different enemies to deal with, but also a lot of collectibles that will come in handy during the game, as you will learn more about the story behind the Plague. Be careful and explore every single path you find during your adventure so you don’t miss any Beacon to rest at or any hidden location with collectibles or foes that can give you extra memories to upgrade your skills.

Remember that most enemies will revive every time you rest at a Beacon, so you must kill them again if you want to follow a specific path or move towards a new location. Exploring the map is also important because you will find useful shortcuts that lead back to already unlocked Beacons so that you can move quicker in the area.

Steal the Plague Weapon From the Enemy

Each enemy has a unique Plague weapon, which deals more damage than the standard equipment that Corvus usually uses to perform Saber attacks. You can steal any Plague weapon from your opponents during the fight, even more than once. To do that, you need to complete a fully charged Claw attack, but keep in mind that you will be vulnerable while doing so. When you obtain the Plague weapon, you can use it once, and then it will disappear.

However, you can also use Skill Shards obtained from fallen enemies to unlock or upgrade Plague weapons in the homonymous menu. You can equip and use them at your disposal: they won’t disappear but will consume Energy, so you need to recharge the green bar before using them again.

Remember to Use Your Feathers

If you see a green light coming from the enemy, it means that you are about to be hit by a critical attack that can’t be deflected. However, you can move out of range if you are quick enough or use one of the feathers at your disposal. You need to launch the feather at your enemy to interrupt the attack, but keep in mind that timings are tight, and your coordination must be flawless.

When you hit enemies in Thymesia with a feather, you will also leave wounds on them and stop them from healing for some time. Don’t underestimate this power you have, and make sure you learn how to master it properly, as it will come in handy many times during your adventure.

Find a Good Spot to Farm Memory Shards

Memories are your only chance to level up and enhance your skills and powers: you can spend them at any Beacon to power up Corvus. You obtain them every time you kill an enemy, depending on their difficulty: more challenging foes grant a higher amount of memory shards but are tougher to defeat. As you reach higher levels, you will need more and more memories to upgrade your attributes and talents.

If you get stuck at a particular boss in Thymesia, you can find a good spot and start farming memories. Make sure you choose a location near a Beacon, so once you kill all the enemies nearby, you can quickly summon them again by simply resting at it.

Be Patient And Prepare to Die

It may sound like an obvious tip, but trust me, you will need a lot of patience when dealing with this game. You will die countless times, especially during your first hours with Thymesia and boss fights. You need to become familiar with the games’ mechanics, learn how to use your abilities, power up Corvus skills according to your needs, dodge and deflect enemy attacks, and much more. The learning curve is pretty high, but you can’t expect anything different from a soulslike.

You will find other Thymesia guides on Wccftech, so stay tuned for upcoming information about bosses, power-ups, potions, and much more.

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