QuakeCon 2022 Schedule is Released, and Starfield is Nowhere on It

QuakeCon 2022 Schedule is Released, and Starfield is Nowhere on It

QuakeCon returns as a digital even later this month, but it seems those hoping for some sort of update on Bethesda’s biggest upcoming game are out of luck. Starfield has been delayed to 2023, and it seems Bethesda doesn’t have much new to say about the anticipated sci-fi RPG following it’s gameplay reveal in June as the QuakeCon schedule contains no mention of it. There are livestreams devoted to Arkane’s multiplayer vampire game Redfall, the latest Fallout 76 updates, and more, but nothing on Starfield. Here’s Bethesda’s rundown on what they’re planning for QuakeCon 2022…

“The fun will begin the QuakeCon preshow, with id Software’s Marty Stratton kicking off the main event with a brief Welcome Message. Immediately following the Welcome, fans can tune in to a variety of streams from North America, Brazil, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, and more countries around the world. Streams focused on games will include existing and upcoming titles, like Redfall, The Elder Scrolls Online, Fallout 76, Ghostwire: Tokyo, Quake, and more. Expect special appearances from developers and other personalities. In addition, the lineup includes fun community-focused shows like a Quiz-a-Thon Game Show, Cooking In-Game Recipes, Interactive Fundraising Shows, the legendary Dirty Keyboard Contest, PC Building Guides, and much more.”

I suppose it’s probably for the best that QuakeCon is remaining digital-only this year, despite many other conventions returning in person, as it doesn’t seems like Bethesda has much to show. Or perhaps, more to the point, they’re focused on actually getting stuff like Starfield and Redfall out the door.

QuakeCon 2022 runs from August 18 to August 20, with various livestreams on Twitch and events on Discord. You can check out the full schedule here.

Starfield is coming to PC and Xbox Series X/S sometime in the first half of 2023 (pending yet another delay).

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