Oraichain’s Dapp Accelerator Program Just Announced on Its AI Layer 1 Ecosystem

Oraichain’s Dapp Accelerator Program Just Announced on Its AI Layer 1 Ecosystem

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Oraichain’s Dapp Accelerator Program Just Announced on Its AI Layer 1 Ecosystem


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Oraichain has introduced an accelerator program for DApps, in a bid to increase awareness of its innovative layer-1 infrastructure.

After concluding the first edition of the Oraichain Hackathon in Vietnam, Oraichain is opening up its accelerator program for everyone, not just winners of its hackathon. This is an excellent opportunity for developers to leverage Oraichain’s rich data and AI modular library.

The Oriachain ecosystem

Oriachain is a platform trying to converge two key technologies, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, to form a formidable partnership for Layer-1 blockchains. Its mission hinges on six leading technologies; AI Oracle, AI Level 1, EVM Compatibility, Decentralized Data,  CosmWasm IDE, and Rollup scaling.

One of the ways to show its readiness to accommodate DApps was the Recently concluded Hackathon. The event saw 50 entries looking to use its AI technologies to improve specific areas of the blockchain. As a follow-through, Oraichain is opening up its lairs for developers to leverage high throughput, security and interoperability to develop their Dapps.

The selection is not automatic. After screening, any project selected will have access to technical and advisory support from Oraichain’s ecosystem. The support can come as skilled talents, technical support, making business models, or developing viable strategies for growth.

 The chosen projects can also have access to Oraichain’s partners to create room for collaborations.

How will the accelerator run?

The Accelerator program will run between one month to three years and be grouped into three phases.

The first phase will last for a month and will be about the feasibility of their project and its market viability. The potential for social disruption will also be considered before the next phase commences.

The second phase is when the project owners will have a pitch session with Oriachain’s advisory board on how they hope to execute their business plans. This phase will be about the optimization of strategy and exploring more productive ways to achieve the goal and will last for not more than two months.

Every project accepted from the second phase will start in the third phase. This phase is all about execution and can last anywhere between one month to three years. Oriachain’s role here will be to monitor the team’s progress and offer help where need be. The teams will do the hard work of bringing their ideas from just imagination to actual market-fit products.

The Oraichain for DApps Accelerator Program has so far accepted four initiatives, including three Oraichain Hackathon 2022 finalists and one additional team from the United States. These initiatives include a Cosmos-based lending platform that intends to make use of the AI infrastructure of Oraichain, a safe, private platform for healthcare data, and a platform for asset tokenization.


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