New Mass Effect Legendary Edition Community Patch 1.3 Released for Mass Effect 1; Full Release Notes Inside

New Mass Effect Legendary Edition Community Patch 1.3 Released for Mass Effect 1; Full Release Notes Inside

The first Mass Effect included in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition has received a new unofficial community patch, addressing numerous reported issues.

The community patch mod is a series of unofficial patches for the Mass Effect games, including the recently remastered trilogy, and aims to resolve reported issues that Bioware has yet to fix. As said, this new patch fixes various issues in the original Mass Effect, including an issue that prevented users from toggling helmets when accessing the Squad screen using the hotkey. In addition, this patch addresses various issues in multiple locations, including the Normandy, Feros, Eden Prime, and more. You can check out the official release notes down below:

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition Community Patch 1.3 Release Notes


You are now properly able to toggle helmets when accessing the Squad screen using the hotkey
Wrex’s holstered weapons are no longer clipping into his back when he is wearing heavy armor.
Fixed an issue where Elcor backs do not glow as strongly as they did in OT
Fixed elcor back glow
Also fixed a faulty “Check_Player_Biotic” conditional, restoring several lines across the game where the player mentions being a biotic
Shepard’s hair will be properly hidden when using the Crisis or Hazard Jormagund armors. This fix will not work for Ashley or Kaidan, and may not work if there are armor or clothing mods conflicting
Sprinting while getting in the Mako no longer causes the Mako to not have crosshairs


Fixed an issue when speaking to Ashley or Kaidan after Virmire where cut lines implying the conversation was taking place on a planet’s surface could play
Fixed an issue where Liara refers to Kaidan with she/her pronouns after the confrontation
Garrus’s final conversation where he thanks Shepard can no longer be infinitely repeated
The correct music will now play when escaping the Citadel
Filled a small hole to the void in Liara’s room


Fixed an issue where a terminal in the Borealis in Zhu’s Hope could become hackable again after getting the quest from it
Fixed a problem with a previous bugfix where Hana Murakami’s control panel could become collisionless on certain ambient lines
Fai Dan’s corpse now properly appears after his suicide


If you choose to keep Opold’s package for yourself, you are no longer able to turn it in to Anoleis to receive a second mod or the garage pass

Eden Prime:

Re-entering the shed with Dr. Warren and Manuel will no longer turn on the conversation lighting before you speak to them (#119)


Fixed an issue where the Turian buyer in the Wards Market refund conversation could be invisible in some situations
An inaccessible door behind a wall in Fist’s office will no longer open/close when the player gets near it

Bring Down the Sky

Conversation subtitles in BDtS will now respect the user’s subtitle size setting. Unfortunately all subtitles playing on top of pre-rendered videos will still be in medium font size.
Fixed a small geometry hole in the final area of the DLC

Uncharted Worlds:

UNC: Hostile Takeover: Fixed an issue where persuading Helena would not show you the proper message box and allow you to re-enter her base
UNC: Lost Freighter: Jacob’s facial hair and eyebrows match his hair color, instead of being grey
Nonuel: Fixed floating vehicle and interaction points outside the mercenary outpost
Fixed incorrect text mentioning “Scans from orbit” when surveying a Titanium mineral on foot
Fixed many misspellings, incorrect grammar, and incorrect numerical formatting in planet descriptions
The image of the MSV Majesty on the galaxy map will now match the description, and show as very damaged

Those interested can download the unofficial 1.3 community patch from

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is available now for PC and consoles. As expected, this community patch is only available for the PC version of the trilogy.

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