Metaverse Thailand to Create Tradable Land NFTs

Metaverse Thailand to Create Tradable Land NFTs

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Metaverse Thailand to Create Tradable Land NFTs

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Metaverse Thailand announced on Friday that it arranged a partnership with Bitkub Blockchain Technology to create a metaverse on Bitkub Chain. According to the Bangkok Post, land non-fungible token (NFT) sales will be available from May 30.

Thong Lor-Ekkamai-Sukhumvit Soi 71 and Phrom Phong areas of Bangkok will be transformed into digital versions by Metaverse Thailand, the company said. Also, during the Thailand Crypto Expo 2022, Metaverse Thailand Co-Founder, Parin Sathianpagilanagorn, met with Bitkub Blockchain Technology CEO, Passakorn Pannok, to discuss the upcoming phase of development.

As part of the collaboration, land, or hexagons, will be connected and rendered on Metaverse Thailand, making them available for purchase through the Bitkub Metaverse.

As part of the metaverse land sale negotiations, the companies referred to themselves as the “lands department.” The companies also confirmed that hexagons will be traded on the Bitkub Metaverse, and that holders will receive yield through stakes.

Metaverse Thailand is primarily creating infrastructure to allow additional utilities and use cases for hexagons, which should raise the value of the hexagons in the future. Hackathons have been organized to create additional applications for this purpose.

Metaverse Thailand plans to launch its second phase on May 30. Hexagons can be purchased for 33 KUSDT, 3 KUB, or 333 MVP. “We’ve been developing three items in particular: metaverse technology, the kubchain, and the kubcoin,” Parin commented.

Fidelity’s Metaverse

Fidelity, one of the world’s largest financial service providers, announced last month that it had inaugurated a virtual building in the metaverse to provide financial education and dancing classes.

Fidelity Stack was developed on Decentraland, a web application that simulates a metropolitan area with commerce districts, offices, and event spaces. The application targets people aged 18-35. Fidelity Metaverse ETF gives investors access to companies in virtual environments that include the metaverse, where users can collaborate, socialize and play as well as work on a variety of devices as part of the Fidelity Stack.


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