FIFA 23 Graphics Enhancements Include Pitch Wear, Exaggerated Shadows and More

FIFA 23 Graphics Enhancements Include Pitch Wear, Exaggerated Shadows and More

As we get closer to the release of FIFA 23, EA Sports continues to share more details about the game. Yesterday, the developers focused on graphics and presentation enhancements for the latest edition of the licensed football game; for example, this year’s iteration features pitch wear that remains active over the course of the entire match.

Fab Muoio, FIFA Presentation Producer, said:

By far, the pitch is our biggest improvement visually in FIFA 23. We really looked at leveraging the power of the new hardware to make it look as realistic as possible where we went in, and we tuned the length of the grass and the color of the grass. We even show some of the dirt on the grass when it gets torn up through either a slide tackle or a knee slide, so we really kind of bring that pitch to life.

You can see Mbappé leave a trail during a goal celebration and what’s really cool is, say you do that in the first half, you’ll see that trail in the second half as the degradation will stay on throughout the course of the match and you can kind of beat it up from kickoff to full time.

FIFA 23 also features exaggerated shadows. This might not sound exciting initially, but it’s actually a way to reduce the old feeling of players floating on the field. Muoio explained:

What we’ve done is also look at exaggerating the shadow on the ball, so you’ll see more shape on the ball itself, and exaggerating some of the shadows on the players themselves. They feel a little bit more connected with the plane surface and it just makes everything just feel more in tune.

Of course, much more is being done to enhance the game’s overall presentation, such as expanded pre-match buildup, a more realistic crowd, improved physics for the goal’s net, new celebrations, and the addition of female officials.

FIFA 23 launches on September 30th. For our exhaustive roundup of information, head over to this page.

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