F1 Racing Team Aston Martin Adds Bitcoin Payments For Its Online Store

F1 Racing Team Aston Martin Adds Bitcoin Payments For Its Online Store

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F1 Racing Team Aston Martin Adds Bitcoin Payments For Its Online Store


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F1 Racing Team Aston Martin Adds Support For Crypto Payments To Enable Crypto Users To Shop On Its Online Store.

It’s a big win for the crypto industry as one of the biggest Formula One teams starts accepting crypto payments.

Crypto’s have been winning huge support from various economic sectors over the last few years. This mainly after institutions and governments started recognizing the power of blockchain and crypto technology. Every now and then, crypto’s make a debut in a totally new sector. This time around, it’s the Formula One scene. The team’s official website put a detailed announcement to that effect.

Ashton Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula One Team (AMF1), has just announced intentions to start accepting crypto payments on its online store. This means that a lot of people who are pro-crypto will now be able to buy the team’s merchandise and settle the transactions with cryptos. Visitors who wish to start shopping can do so by visiting the team’s web page here.

Partnerships To Make It Happen

To make this happen, Ashton Martin has entered into partnership with Crypto.com and Cube, which are now its official business partners in digital e-commerce. Crypto.com has been adding various cryptos (including Shiba Inu) to its list of supported payment options, which gives a lot of leeway for users who want to pay in cryptos of their choice.

These positive advancements come a short while after Formula 1 appointed Crypto.com as its official Global Partner for its sprint series schedules. This is already an indication that the racing teams can thrive in the crypto space just as other sectors have. For instance, with Crypto.com as its Global Partner, Ashton Martin will have access to the expansive, 50 million user base that could very well spell its financial success in the future.

What Officials Say

Following the revolutionary announcement, officials from the involved companies have some strong, positive words to say about it. According to the chief marketing officer at crypto.com, Steven Kalifowltz, his company’s “mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to cryptocurrency, and a huge part of that is being able to give more customers and merchants purchasing power using cryptocurrency.”

He went on,

“Our partnership with AMF1 is the perfect case in point, proving just how versatile crypto payments have become. We’re excited to continue our work with AMF1 and to further enable the use of cryptocurrency as a payment method in all situations.”

The Trading Director at Cube, Chris Balles, said,

“Our partnership with Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula One™ Team encapsulates everything that Cube stands for – great product supported by outstanding marketing, delivered on a world-class e-commerce platform that can serve fans all around the world.”

AMFI head of Licensing and Merchandise, Matt Chapman, also had something to say,

“We are constantly exploring the digital landscape, so it’s hugely satisfying to be able to take this step into the crypto payment world with both Crypto.com and Cube.”


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