8 BEST Cloud Mining Sites of 2022

8 BEST Cloud Mining Sites of 2022

The popularity of crypto mining in the cloud hits all records. It is the best thing for beginners and small investors that are just starting their cryptocurrency business. While traditional hardware mining requires a significant investment, cloud computing technology allows earning BTC and mineable altcoins without any hardware and software (and it’s the most convenient model for non-experienced investors). In the following review, we explore the best cloud mining websites. If you’re going to start earning crypto, take some time to read it and choose a trusted hash provider.

What Is Cloud Mining?

When we talk about cloud crypto mining we obviously mean the easiest and most effective way to earn Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Let’s see how it works. Cloud mining technology allows individuals to mine cryptocurrencies without buying, installing, and maintaining any specific equipment. It’s the most reasonable model for those who don’t have specific knowledge as well as technical skills. By renting a miner in the cloud, you save money and make passive income in the easiest and most efficient manner. Also, you don’t have to buy any mining software. Just purchase a hash rate and track the income status time after time on your account.

To put it another way, crypto cloud mining technologies enable you to mine the most popular digital currencies using equipment installed in remote data centers of commercial companies. Customers rent a part of hash power from a provider that invests in its own equipment and its maintenance. The other advantage of the hash leasing model is the small investment amount. Many companies enable customers to start earning cryptocurrency with a couple of hundred dollars.

Best Platforms for Mining Cryptocurrency in the Cloud

Which Bitcoin mining sites are the best to start earning cryptocurrency in the cloud in 2022? Take a look at the Top 8 of the best platforms for cloud mining in the UK. Notice we put on the following list trusted legitimate Bitcoin mining companies only.

Genesis Mining.


Made in England means Quality. You can feel it with LetMeCloud, a Bitcoin provider from the UK that brings a new level to cloud crypto mining. One of the best, trusted cloud mining sites enables you to start earning Bitcoins without any gear and sky-high investments. Over 25 000 BTC miners have already experienced cloud mining services on LetMeCloud and found them nothing but the best. The company’s data centers are in Norway, Sweden, Canada, and Iceland.

Best Features and Advantages

The minimum deposit amount is $250 only.
Best for newcomers and small investors.
Average profitability starts at 230%.
Three service packages to pick from.
Zero maintenance fees.
24-hour support and personal assistants for users.
Cloud mining income calculator.
Bonuses for new customers.

The minimum hash power you can rent on LetMeCloud is 24 000 GH/s (under a one-year Standard mining contract). The rental starts at $250 per year, and it is one of the best offers in the field of Bitcoin cloud mining so far. Advanced cryptocurrency investors may be interested in the FT Bonus cloud mining contract with the best hash power and profitability rates (service package includes 96 000 GH/s for $1000). New customers get a 33% bonus on the first investment on LetMeCloud. A further advantage of this cloud hash platform is an excellent implementation of customer support.


IQMining is a global cloud mining and trading company with data centers located in Canada, Iceland, China, Georgia, and other countries. The platform was launched in late 2016. With a wide range of cloud mining contracts, IQMining has already involved a big number of cryptocurrency enthusiasts who prefer to make passive income from Bitcoin and altcoins mining without installing any equipment. Currently, you can purchase service packages in 100+ popular alternative coins as well as high-profitable cloud hash contracts with fixed payouts in Tether.

Best Features and Advantages

Starter and Pro mining contracts in BTC and other mineable digital coins.
Daily payouts in BTC and ETH.
Brilliant customer support with a response time of under a couple of minutes.
The minimum price per 10 GH/s is $0.136.
Mining profitability calculator.
One-year, two-year, five-year, and lifetime mining contracts.

It usually takes about two minutes to create an account and start earning the most popular digital currencies on IQMining. By now, the company offers 30% off on all cloud hash contracts for every new user who signed up on IQMining. The company accepts a wide variety of payment methods to rent hash power and withdraw mining coins.


ECOS is a popular infrastructural DeFi platform that offers crypto investors high-powered cloud mining, crypto portfolio investment tools, VC fund, and fixed income products. The other features are high-secured crypto wallets, exchange, ASIC miner hosting, and ASIC store. The company was created in the Free Economic Zone of Armenia in 2017. So far it has mined over 6 576 BTC. The farm capacity reached 12 376.

Best Features and Advantages

3-day free trial upon request.
Flexible crypto portfolios.
Daily payments for all users.
Credit cards are accepted along with crypto wallets.
Multicurrency Wallet App for Android and iOS.
Individual Bitcoin contracts with flexible duration (up to 50 months).
Special offers for cloud service packages from $5000 (upon request).

As one of the best Bitcoin cloud mining providers, ECOS installs and maintains professional hardware by Bitmain, the leading company in the production of cryptocurrency miners. Those investors who want more, may join the ECOS referral program and get a 5-7% commission from all purchases made by users registered with their referral link on the website.

Genesis Mining

Hong Kong-based Genesis Mining calls itself the largest cloud Bitcoin mining company and leading hash power provider. The number of customers has reached 2 000 000 so far, and the company has great plans for the near future. By now, Genesis Mining with its different contract options is super popular mostly amongst Ethereum enthusiasts. The decentralized crypto platform is also known as the oldest in the industry (the company was founded in December 2013).

Best Features and Advantages

Diverse cloud mining portfolio.
Prices for contracts start at $500.
Instant payments through crypto wallets and credit cards.
High-profitable ETH contracts with 12 months and 24 months runtime.
Multi-algorithm support.
Daily mining rewards.
Performance Estimation tutorial on the website.

Note that the company doesn’t use a monthly subscription model. All cloud hash contracts are one-time payments with an upfront fee for the entire duration. The best ETH contracts do not include any maintenance fee. It means the customers purchase rented hash power with zero additional costs.


All-in-one cryptocurrency app with zero commissions. That’s the way StormGain describes itself on its website. Many investors also claim it as the best and most versatile mining platform to deal with digital money. At the current moment, the company offers plenty of investment tools, including crypto cloud mining contracts, cryptocurrency trading, coin exchange, and a highly secured multicurrency wallet. Another interesting feature on the StormGain platform is Crypto Academy with a lot of educational lessons for beginners and experienced BTC investors.

Best Features and Advantages

Real-time crypto prices charts.
Several contract levels differ in the earning speed and return rate.
No need to install any specific software.
Bonuses for traders in virtual currency.
Refer-a-friend and affiliate programs.
Educational blog with different crypto research.
A 24h hotline and customer support chat.

The company set up low fees to make earning cryptocurrency in the cloud affordable for every person who wants to mine digital coins without buying and installing high-priced farms. Customers can use the convenient crypto exchange to buy and sell BTC and the best diversity of altcoins.


Meet ScryptCube, one of the best Bitcoin mining websites registered in Scotland. The hash provider has been known since 2016, and today the company focuses on cooperation with both individuals and large B2B customers. As they claim, pricing for cloud hash contracts on ScryptCube is currently one of the most affordable in the field of Bitcoin cloud services. The company’s data centers are equipped with hundreds of high-performative miners.

Best Features and Advantages

Mobile app for iOS and Android.
Zero hidden commissions, fixed fees.
Daily rewards.
Guaranteed uptime.
Convenient and user-friendly toolkit.
Mining profitability calculator.
Round-the-clock access.
The platform accepts payments in both BTC and credit cards (Visa and MasterCard).

After signing up you can select a one-year Bitcoin or Ethereum contract (or maybe even both). To be more comfortable and confident with managing digital assets, try to download and install a multifunctional application that is compliant with iPhone, iPad, and all kinds of Android devices.


The next one in our rating is BeMine, an advanced cryptocurrency platform with a large number of active users who mine BTC under reasonable pricing. The company was founded in 2018 and registered in Seychelles. To top up the balance and start earning Bitcoins on BeMine, miners can use different payment methods (including BTC, altcoins, credit cards, and PM USD). The minimum withdrawal amount on the platform is 0.005 BTC. The minimum entry amount to rent a hash power is $391 per 4 TH/s.

Best Features and Advantages

Four Bitcoin contract options (duration is 48 months).
3-days of free cloud hash mining on Antminer S19.
Profit calculator.
Two-level referral program.
Multifunctional Utility Token for both ASIC-owners and those who don’t have their own equipment.

Currently, BeMine runs four data centers in Russia with a capacity of 70 mW/h. The company also has a mining hotel to host customers’ ASIC miners. All miners have to do to install their equipment in the BeMine hotel is to leave a request on the website, sign a digital contract, and send hardware to the chosen data center with any transportation company. Equipment delivery is free for all customers.


Finally, Bitdeer is an all-in-one crypto mining company with five data centers located around the world. The provider offers users a convenient mobile app for one-click mining and easy tracking of revenue status. Miners can earn over ten mineable cryptocurrencies on Bitdeer, including BTC, ETH, Litecoin, and Zcash. The company also provides customers from 200+ countries with cloud hosting services and a hash rate market. The minimum price for a 180-days Antminer S19Pro contract is $542 (the plan contains 50 TH/s of hash power).

Best Features and Advantages

Mining income calculator.
Different plans with Classic and Accelerator modes.
Bonus program for users.
Real-time exchange rates.
24h live customer support.
Partnership programs for users.

As one of the global leaders in the cryptocurrency field, Bitdeer has strong partnerships with the best miner equipment manufacturers (including Bitmain) and the biggest mining pools as well. The company runs an educational blog for those who want to know everything about Blockchain and digital currencies.

How to Choose the Best Cloud Provider

It’s vital to keep the funds safe since some scammers use fraudulent schemes pretending to be the real Bitcoin mining companies. So you should know more about the provider before paying for hash power. Make sure that the company owns physical facilities and runs real data centers. Find some time to check the legal information on their website. It is also very helpful to read real user reviews you can find in the best trusted cryptocurrency-related sources.


Cloud hash mining is one of the best global trends and a brilliant idea for passive income. Due to the Bitcoin price rising high, this earning scheme looks like a profitable and affordable-for-everyone kind of business. The extra advantage here is the fact that cloud hash earning can be done without a large investment. For that reason, it attracts thousands of users with zero experience who don’t have any skills. All you have to do to join the cryptocurrency mining community is to purchase some hash power from a trustworthy licensed company. We hope our review will help you to choose the best cloud mining provider with high profitability rates.

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